Glock Compatible Frame Kit

Alpha One

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Glock Compatible Frame Kit
With Trigger, extended mag release, extended slide lock

This is a great kit for anyone building a Glock or a P80.

Made by Alpha One Outdoors, this kit includes everything you need to assemble your pistol. This high quality kit includes

Extended Slide Stop Release with Spring
Locking Block Pin
Extended Magazine Release (Glock 17/19)
Magazine Release (Glock 26)
Magazine Release Spring
Extended Slide Lock
Slide Lock Spring
Trigger Housing Pin
Trigger Housing with Ejector
Trigger Pin
Trigger Spring
Polymer with Trigger Bar

Please note:
This kit does NOT include a locking block which is not required to assemble a P-80
This Kit is for Gen 1-3, 9mm only
Models 17, 19, 22, 23, 31, 32