Lightning Tap Double Action Trigger for Glock

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The Lightning Tap Double Action Trigger System is the Fastest, Safest, most advanced ignition system for the Glock handgun.

Glock calls their trigger “safe action,” but is it truly safe? Unlike the factory Glock trigger, the Lightning Tap Double Action Trigger System truly is.
Why? Because unlike the Glock. the Lightning Tap Trigger keeps the striker in a forward position with zero spring tension.

Drop it from the Empire State Building…no unintended discharge. *

Don’t try that with a Glock.

*we did not actually drop a Glock from the Empire State building...but it performed flawlessly in drop testing/

The striker-forward, zero spring tension first trigger pull is followed up with what might be the fastest reset trigger available for a Glock pistol.

There are a lot of great Glock compatible triggers out there…and some have an exceptionally short reset. Can we promise that the Lightning Tap Double Action has the shortest reset? Nope, we can’t. But we believe that if we aren’t the fastest, there is none faster.

Available for gen 1-3, models 17 & 19