Infinite Primers - Primer Cup Die

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Primer Shortage? 

What Primer shortage?

Roll your own

Use easily available heavy duty roof flashing and your arbor press to make the primer cups.

Use Prime-All Centerfire Priming Compound and recycle your anvils and you will be sending freedom seeds downrange in no time.

Sharpshooter Products Cautionary Notice: As you are the producer of the finished primer, Sharpshooter Products bears no responsibility for the function or performance of the primer or its application in the loaded round of ammunition which may be produced. We have thoroughly tested the tools, processes and materials we provide and have found them to be safe when used properly. Specifically, your choice of materials for the production of the primer cup will impact the ability of the loaded round to operate safely and reliably at a given pressure. We have found galvanized roof flashing to be effective in this role but our testing has also found it to operate safely and effectively at approximately 70% of the maximum average Pressure (MAP) of the intended cartridge. There are other materials available which may allow you to operate with higher pressures but take great care in your research and load development. Sharpshooter Products assumes no liability for the completed products made using their tools, processes and products as the company has no control over the practices and their application of the user. This is deemed a DIY activity with all liability on the producer of the primers and finished loads.